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Our podcast series represents fresh mixes and showcases of guest DJs and our artists including a lot of released and unreleased Digital Diamonds music.
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8th November 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 16 by Aerodrömme

Aerodrömme (also spelled Aerodroemme, when an umlaut is not available) is a vibrant duo project based in Toronto, Canada. The act was created in 2008 by Boris "Shankar" Kurtzman and Steve "Nexus" Chan. Aerodrömme began as one of the most promising names in the Progressive Techno circuit. Over time, Boris and Steve have transformed their sound from a deeper progressive influence, to the more hypnotic/deep techno sound heard in their latest releases. They have an impressive discography, brandishing releases on labels such as JOOF Aura, Digital Structures, Slideways, Rheostatus, Frakture Audio, Baroque Records, Tribal Vision, Balkan Connection, Nuuktal, Oddsine, Techgnosis, TMM Records and Twisted Frequency.


23rd July 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 15 by Jossie Telch

Mexico City based producer Jossie Telch has been making noise in the global scene for 10 years now. His first release back in 2008, "Breaking Stereo" - Undergroove Music, reached the number 1 spot on Beatport's Psy charts. Since then, the project has continued evolving, improving and constantly refreshing itself. The result is a unique brand of fat groove heavy techno with just the right amount of psychedelia, making Jossie's music perfect for any dancefloor. His credits today include playing at Boom Festival (Portugal), Rainbow Serpent(Australia), Universo Paralello(Brazil), Noisily(UK), Global Eclipse(USA), Envision(Costa Rica), Tribal Gathering(Panama), Ometeotl (Mexico), Totem(Canada) just to name a few. As well as being part of top labels Iboga Rec, Digital Structures and Undergroove Music.


7th May 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 14 by Aaron Smiles

If it’s music’s prerogative to change with the times, Aaron is the master of djing. He’s inspired the masses, rewired a worldwide passion for dance music and set a new precedent for fan interaction along the way. Add a who’s who list of collaborators, remixes, global live credentials and a side line in professional Kung Fu and there is still no rarer breed of superstar DJ than Aaron Smiles.


26th March 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 13 by Code Therapy

Floating Machine and Crennwiick have come together to create what can only be described as an incredibly impressive live set as their first joint venture. As a team they have proven to complement eachother extraordinarily well. Their different musical backgrounds come together in perfect harmony.


2nd February 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 12 by Foggyswoggle

Foggyswoggle is a creature born out of the depths of psychedelic electronic music.  This bog-trottin’, swamp-walker crafts hypnotic grooves that will leave you in a trance, with bass that rumbles you from the ground up, and back again. Influenced as heavily by UK Bass/Dark UK styles, as by psychedelic styles, Foggyswoggle creates a very tasty blend that will make your mouth water.


8th January 2018

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 11 by OmNebula

OmNebula is the co-founder and resident Dj of Twisted Frequencies, Alchemists and the founder of The Floating Dune, three teams covering a multitude of musical genres in Greece & the United Kingdom. With the experience of performing over 10 genres of music over the past 6 years at multiple venues & locations in both countries he has had the utmost pleasure of performing alongside some monumental artists such as, Aes Dana, Kaya Project, Kliment, Globular, Celt Islam, Quanta, Brujo's Bowl, Vlastur, Deep in Mind, Slackbaba, Symbolico and many many more..


11th November 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 10 by Alic

10 years, 10 podcasts... Here's the first recording by label founders Alic from our epic "Digital Decade" release party in Berlin! First part is the compilation mix, second part consists of (un)released Digital Diamonds goodies ;)
Cheers and thanks to our friends from Wanderzirkus, who helped us to drop this epic event!


21st October 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 09 by BRT

BRT is a DJ and producer based in Linz, Austria. He fell in love with Techno a few years ago. He is highly influenced by psychedelic trance, his old love. That's why he's playing magical, trippy and psychedelic techno sets as a member of the UNPACKBAR collective.

This set consists some of his favourite Digital Diamonds Tracks.


2nd September 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 08 by Hackie

This is Hackie from Mexico mixing delicius tunes for Digital Diamonds.

Hackie has become one of the most outstanding female talents of the underground electronic scene in Mexico. She has captivated audiences showing a strong personality and identity in her live performances. Her DJ sets are a smart blend of techno and psychedelia and span from progressive techno to psytech and psygressive trance. Lately she is focused on music production, studying side by side with the mexican master producer Jossie Telch. Definitely, she is an artist to keep an eye on.


8th July 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 07 by Kiki La Rochelle

Kiki La Rochelle from Tirana/Albania delivers a superb and exclusive Podcast for Digital Diamonds.

Kristi Gega also known as Kiki la Rochelle is an albanian DJane, daughter of a well known musician in her country. When working at the Albanian Academy of DJs in Tirana, she developed a deeper interest in electronic music and turntabletism. She has always been part of the underground local scene .


15th May 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 06 by Anders Svenson

A smooth, melodic and trippy selection done by Anders Svenson, part of Anautic and 4/4 Pakt collective.


22nd April 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 05 by Jay Eric

Outrun Resident & Techgnosis Records Label DJ. Jay Eric has been an America based psychedelic dance music curator since 1997. Originating in Arizona as a founder of Overmind Works ('01-present), he now calls Denver Colorado home. Jay Eric is widely known for his tasteful, tactful & 100% improvised arrangements navigating the vast realms of Psytech, Progressive Techno, Forest Prog/Zenon, Psychill, Space Disco & Retro/Synthwave.


19th March 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 04 by Guswell

The next Podcast is made by Guswell from Portugal. Check this nice selection with a lot of Digital Diamonds tracks inside.


12th February 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 03 by Spiral Hand

This is Podcast number three by Spiral Hand from Switzerland.


16th January 2017

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 02 by Echnoid

Our 2nd edition of Digital Diamonds Podcast is here! Echnoid from Maldives! Spinning since 2013 she delivers an exclusive and versatile mix. Check it out!


27th November 2016

Digital Diamonds #PODCAST 01 by Crennwiick

Our 1st edition of Digital Diamonds Podcast is here! CrennWiick from Lisbon, core labelmember and versatile artist presenting some of his tunes, enjoy!


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