Partners, Supporters And Friends

No netlabel without the strong support of many helping hands!

We would like to thank all our partners and friends who made Digital Diamonds to one of the leading free netlabels worldwide. At once we strongly recommend throwing a glance at them!


Managed by our friend Alexander Synaptic, Ektoplazm is the worlds biggest and best distributor for free electronic music with focus on psychedelic styles and Techno with such ingredients.
Besides the whole Digital Diamonds catalogue you can find tons of first class electronic music at Ektoplazm.

Dominik Probst Photography

Dominik Probst is a photographer based in Freiburg and Memmingen, Germany. His focus is on product, architecture and people photography, which he pursues on location as well as in his studios. Dominik supports Digital Diamonds with first class photography of covers and more.

Hedonistic Freelancer

There’s a popular quote that says life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you’re gonna get. If you ask Roberdo Raval, life is one of those orgiastic breakfast buffets to be found in good hotels, and the art is to try all the food available. However, he does agree in one crucial point: Life is sweet!

jp.huss mediadesign

This website and some of our coverdesigns are the work of Yann. Some people might also know him from his project "Flammentanz" or his outstanding 3D-arts.

Anyer Quantum

Anyer is a music freak from Mexico and won our first DJ-mixcontest in 2011 with an outstanding fusion of Digital Diamonds tracks. From that time he is appreciated as a strong supporter, performer and very good friend of us.


O\\\, also known as Philip Gagnon, is a digital artist and a VJ who likes to experiment using softwares. He is passionate about the complex relationships between humans and technology. For Digital Diamonds he is doing interesting video stuff.

Sonicsquirrel is the platform where you get almost all free netlabel releases out there. Easy to find and easy to preview. This site makes fun exploring new and free music. Naturally Digital Diamonds has a solid place there since the beginning of the squirrels in 2005.

Soundmute Recordings

Soundmute Recordings is based in Zagreb / Croatia and a label we have a successfull cooporation for a very long time. Many artists from Digital Diamonds took a trip to Soundmute and vice versa.

William Strong

William Strong is from The Nederlands and runs the group "Psychedelic Techno" with news and freshest content from the scene. Digital Diamonds' stuff is also featured there with videos and more.

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